Superior quality and delicious taste is the essence of our every product. We selectively source freshest and purest raw material and ingredients from trusted sources and prepare spices in our state of the art facility. Our production facility is equipped with latest machinery like Sortex technology for cleaning spices.

Starting as a most popular brand in Saurashtra, over more than 50 years of journey, we have expanded our presence across the length and breadth of Gujarat and have also entered Maharashtra.

Today, Mahalaxmi Masalas are used by households and restaurants alike to make the tastiest recipes. After all, behind every yummy dish, there is a tasty masala.

Rishte Sajaae Swaad Se…

Imagine pleasant sound of a delicious dish cooking on stove, irresistible aroma of mouthwatering spices lingering in the air…in no time the whole family gets together to feast upon the delicious recipe! It’s the tradition of every Indian family. And Mahalaxmi Masala has been adding new flavours to this tradition over more than 5 decades with a leading range of flavoured, grounded and whole spices. It’s not just putting tasty food on the table but also bringing whole family to the table.

Our Products

Apart from Garam Masala, we also make Punjabi Gravy, Pavbhaji, Panipuri, Undhiya, Chat, Chhole, Sambhar, Addiya, KuchhiDabeli, Kitchen King, Rajwadi Garam Masala, Tea Masala, Chaas Masala, Chevda Masala, Chicken Masala, Mutton Masala, Subji Masala, Pickle Masala etc.

In addition, we also make Chilly Powder, Turmeric Powder and Coriander Powder.

Good for health and taste, our products are manufactured in hygienic environment and pass through rigorous quality checks before packing to assure uniform taste and quality. Our packaging is designed to keep the products fresh and wholesome for a longer time.